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Must-know facts about diabetes in India

Nowadays there is an increase in the diabetes patients in India and the alarming rate with which it is growing is raising concerns worldwide. This is a medical condition that is caused by either high production of insulin in the body or due to low or nil supply of oxygen in the body.

There are many types of diabetes such as type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and gestational period diabetes. Of these, both the type diabetes is highly prone to youngsters and middle aged people. The gestational diabetes is the medical condition commonly found in pregnant women. To know the impact of this medical condition among the Indian people there are a few facts that would help you to have a better understanding. They are listed below:.

  • India is considered as the capital of diabetes in the world. At present about 40 million Indian people are affected by diabetes and it is estimated that this will reach up to 70 million people by the year 2025. This denotes that of every five person in the world one will be an Indian suffering from this disease.
  • According to the 2007 study revealed, India is the first country with more number of diabetic people making China and United States stay behind it.
  • The risk of Indian people having the chances of getting diabetes is five times than the rest of the world.
  • The apple shape structure of the Indian people's body and its ability to resist insulin makes Indians more prone to diabetes.
  • Also according to the study reports, about thirty five percent of the Indian population would die due to diabetes as the major cause in the next 10 years time.

  • Must-know facts about diabetes in India

  • Almost three percent of the people living in the rural areas of India are at high risk of developing diabetes due to lack of awareness.
  • It is found that almost 7 million people in India are known to develop diabetes each year.
  • The studies held during 2008 reveal that about 1.3 million people in India die due to diabetes every year.
  • Women in India who are pregnant experience gestational diabetes between 8 to 17 percent annually.
  • India is considered as the nation with more cases of erectile dysfunction among male. Nearly half of Indian men are found to have erectile dysfunction due to diabetes. It is found out that about 50% of men with diabetes are known to develop erectile dysfunction within 10 years of developing diabetes.
  • Usually younger male population in India develop this problem of erectile dysfunction very early at about 10 to 15 years earlier than the usual cases.
  • The occurrence of diabetes is found out to be in 20% of the adult urban population and 10 % in the adult rural population which is an example of the sedentary life style of Indians.
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