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How to identify Breast Cancer

One of the most dangerous and threatening disease that scare women all over the world is breast cancer. But some of them are confused regarding the ways of detecting it. The most usual way of detecting breast cancer is Mammography. It is also followed by a breast examination. But it is not prescribed for all, except for older women.

The best way to detect the breast cancer is through self breast examination. This test would enable you to feel any changes in your breasts. You might detect small lumps in any one of the breast or thickenings. This is done by feeling your breast. If you come across any unusual changes in the breasts, immediately consult a doctor. This self examination is essential as it helps to detect the disease at the earlier stage and helps you to come out of it easily. Some changes in your breasts might also help you to detect breast cancer. They are such as:
    How to identify Breast Cancer
  • You notice swelling on the breasts and your armpits. This denotes that lymph nodes within the breast have swelled up.
  • The main sign of this inflammatory disease is that your breast is hot or warm to feel.
  • You feel a pain your breast's nipples either one of the breasts or both.
  • You notice a clear liquid or bloody discharge from your nipples.
  • Your nipples might be inverted or scaly.
  • Any lumps that comes to your notice no matter whether it is big or small.
  • An itchy sensation on your breasts.
  • Any dimples on the skin of your breasts.
  • Appearance of rashes on the breasts that make them appear red and blotchy.
  • Alteration in the sizes of the breast that is, one would be smaller and other might be bigger.

But always ensure that detecting one or more of these signs and symptoms might not indicate that you have breast cancer. Always bear in mind that most of the lumps in the breast might not indicate cancer. If you suspect it to breast cancer, then visit a doctor at the earliest to test it using mammogram. This test includes an x-ray of the breasts to see the extent of the growth of cancer cells and to determine the extent of the disease. If the disease is in its initial stage, then you can go for chemotherapy and radiotherapy and then comes the diagnosis and treatment part to prevent the disease from spreading any further.

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