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Symptoms and Causes of Gastric

When you suffer from gastric problem, it is termed as one of the bad pains that causes and it is called as gastric pain.

And if this gastric is not cured then the later stage of gastric arises called as gastric ulcer, leading to stomach cancer. This ulcer starts with a small hole inside the stomach and goes on increasing highly. Now we will discuss about the symptoms and causes of gastric.

Gastric problem is asymptomatic but at the same time few symptoms can be noticed like weight loss, vomiting, head ache, nausea (feeling giddy), being anemic, indigestion but majorly people suffer from indigestion, and it is the most common symptom seen and witnessed. Abdominal pain is caused when pain starts occurring below the ribcage near the lungs. The patient may suffer from loss of appetite.

Besides all this the causes of gastric are that it destroys the intestinal mucosal lining of the stomach because of the acids being produced in our body. These acids also are contagious as infections get attracted very easiy. This can further lead to duodenal ulcers. A person gets more affected as he/she intakes food or drinks water.

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