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What is gastric? Gastric is an inflammation or heat in our stomach which is caused due to the factors like allergic foods, alcohol intake, virus infection, mechanism problems etc.

It is impossible to make a difference between gastric, peptic ulcer and dyspepsia. Without going through endoscopy you would never come to know that what problem you are actually suffering from. When you have unbearable pain and your stomach feels as if many things are stuffed into it, it is known as gastric pain. And if this gastric is not cured then the later stage of gastric arises called as gastric ulcer. This ulcer starts with a small hole inside the stomach and goes on increasing highly. There are some symptoms which show that we have suffered from gastric problems.

Symptoms of gastric are many such as weight loss, vomiting, nausea, indigestion, anemia and bad headache. Amongst all, indigestion is the most frequently occured symptom. Just below the ribcage when pain starts, it is called as abdominal pain. This is the first thing which happens to a person having gastric problem.

The person may have loss of appetite. Apart from this, the causes of gastric are that it destroys the intestinal mucosal lining of the stomach because of the acids being produced in our body. These acids also are contagious as infections get attracted to these very early and can further lead to duodenal ulcers. This leads to more infection when it is transmitted when one person eats food or drinks water.

There are few measures which can be taken for the cure of gastric problems:

- Can take vitamin supplements and proper diet.

- Food like boiled food, salted fish, pickled veggies, vitamin c food etc are very good for health and they saving us from occurence of gastric problems.

- Your food should produce nitrosamines which is very beneficial to health.

Thus one should be very precautious regarding these small things thus letting them save from many other problems. Keep your appetite best with a nice diet plan and then see how well it works.

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