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Keep a food diary to stay slim and fit

With the awareness of staying fit and healthy spreading like wild fire among the people, many are trying new diets that are fad or crash in nature. People have started trying new combination of exercises,
and also have begun to consume new foods that are low in fat, but at the end of the day the results they wanted will not be sought at all.

This is because even though when someone is on a strict diet some time the person might binge on food as a result of a stress. So maintaining a journal to record what you eat each time of the day would benefit you greatly and to keep a track of it every day.

The following points tell you how to maintain a food diary.
  • Keep a track of what you eat every day and this would include all the three meals per day. So maintain a separate column for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Remember if you skip a meal and then eat the other two meals then you will be shocked to note that you would have eaten a meal twice you would normally eat. Hence maintaining a food journal is essential to keep track of your food habits.

  • Keep a food diary to stay slim and fit

  • Instead of noting down your breakfast or any meal as two slices of bread, a portion of chicken or a cup of coffee, you should write the amount of calories beside each food item that you consume. This would clearly tell you after a week how many calories you have consumed and where the diet went wrong. It will help rectify your mistakes accordingly.
  • Also make a note of what else you ate that day such as the mood swings you had which might led to eating a pastry, craving you had to eat a chocolate bar or a high fat crunchy food that you had with your friends at an outing as snack. Always make sure to write down whatever you eat in a day that means noting even a little piece of candy that your kid gave you.
  • This would help you in a great way when you review your weight along with the food that you ate the whole week and to make corrections in the mistakes you committed in the diet and help you to be a more sensible eater next time.
Follow writing down in a diary and discover a great scale of weight loss within a few weeks time.

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