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Facebook freaks prone to weight gain

Facebook is probably the most popular thing in town right now. In fact, people spend more time on Facebook than they do on Google or any other online site. This website helps people to get back in touch with their friends.

In fact, you can even find out what your friends and family are up to with the help of the status updates and the pictures shared by them. This popular social networking site is probably very helpful because of the information you get from it. In fact, some people even go on to Facebook to just play the games which are available or just to simply spend some time chatting with friends or go through the notifications.

There are some people who even claim they can't manage to get through the day without checking their Facebook notifications. Now it might not seem as probably but there are quite a few ill effects of spending your entire time on Facebook or even getting addicted to it.

Sometimes people get mental stress when they come to know that no one has liked or commented on their pictures or status updates. One of the major ill effects of Facebook is weight gain. Here are the reasons why experts say that Facebook is main reason behind weight gain. In fact, research shows that it even leads to obesity among people.
  • The first and most important point is people spend so much time on Facebook, they don't spend it behind exercising or walking. This way they manage to lead a sedentary lifestyle without any exercise. If you want to stay in shape and if you want to live healthy then exercise is a much. Because people get so engrossed in Facebook, they hardly spend any time behind exercising. Not only is the sedentary lifestyle un-healthy but if the lifestyle is not changed and it continues this way, it leads to obesity in most cases.
  • Studies have also shown that people who spend their time on Facebook are usually less likely to spend any time behind team sports or any sports. Playing a sport is extremely necessary if you want to be healthy and this applies to people of all ages. A lot of young guns are getting so hooked onto Facebook that they tend to avoid spending any time behind playing any sort of sport. In fact, they would rather spend their time playing team sports online or on Facebook or various other games online.

Facebook freaks prone to weight gain

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