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Benefits of exercise for diabetics

Diabetes is a medical condition that is caused due to the influence of insulin and also due to various factors such as sedentary life style, including a lot of junk foods in the diet, excessive consumption of alcohol, sugary beverages and salted fried foods.
This is also caused due to the irregular eating habits. This medical condition is caused due to very less activity and obesity caused by overweight. This would make a person to be more prone to diabetes that are of three types such as type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes. The irregular lifestyle that they maintain puts them at high risks of being diabetic. This asks for immediate introduction of change in the person's life style and regular exercises. The exercises have an array of benefits such as the follows:

  • It has the ability to control the level of blood sugar levels as the exercises reduce the glucose in blood.
  • Exercises are also known to decrease the resistance quality of the cells to insulin and bring it back to normal rates.
  • It also helps to increase the cardio vascular activities that would in turn prevent block in the arteries, heart attack and incidents of stroke in diabetics.
  • Exercises work together with the body to decrease the effects caused by any serious medical problems and plays an effective role in curbing it.
  • It also lowers the blood pressure, the heart problems, diminishes the level of triglycerides which is otherwise called the bad cholesterol.

  • Benefits of exercise for diabetics

  • Exercises are also known to increase the good cholesterol also known as the HDL that benefits the body and plays a vital role in maintaining the sugar levels in the body and takes good care of the heart.
  • Exercises makes a diabetic person to stay fit and slim and also encourages them to show a sense of self confidence and build up lot of positive feelings inside that would refresh their mind and body and relieve them from the feel of being a diabetic person.
  • Exercises are essential to have a control over the body weight gain of a person and also make them to maintain their health and the sugar level intact without any fluctuations. This way they can feel energised and to have good level of Body Mass Index.
  • Regular workout regimes are known to reduce the risk of diabetes by 20 percent while the other 80 percent is taken care of by the medications.
  • Exercises make the bones, joints and muscles healthy, toned and safe. This makes the person stay very flexible and healthy.
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