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Symptoms and Causes of Diabetes

Diabetes is an illness that is very severe, dreadful and should not be taken lightly. There are two types of diabetes mainly type I and type II diabetes. The type I is the first casual stage and the type II is the beyond normal stage

Below list is about the symptoms and causes of diabetes:

Fatigue is the major and prevalent symptom of diabetes. From the normal situation to the mechanism stages where a person's fat is used as a fat fuel then the body will not function properly. This situation uses body's energy more and makes it fatigued while work. Unexpected weight loss is another important symptom of diabetes.

This is because while at the time of urination the sugar from the body slowly goes off. Another symptom of being diabetic can be when every time you feel thirsty. This happens because the level of the glucose goes so that you feel thirsty and you go on drinking water then again you urinate and the process continues. Other symptoms of diabetes are confused mental state and blurred vision. Many other high level signs and causes of diabetes are irritability, unnecessary agitation, inattention, confusion and felling lethargic.

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