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Prevention and Cure of Diabetes

Prevention and diabetes cure can be done in the following ways. Experts suggest that you be open about your problem:

Tell key people around you, may be at your place when you need something, such as need to eat at a particular schedule or need to leave a meeting to test your blood level. Clearly tell to those people who are besides in that you should be information in charge and ask people on an as-needed basis. Let people come to know that you do not want to create the point of water cooler conversation. People with diabetic issues need to take care of when and what they eat in order to maintain steady blood sugar levels.

People who undergo diabetes treatment need to eat three regular meals a day so that terrible dips in their level of blood sugar can be avoided. So you cannot skip your breakfast as it will have a major impact on your daily eating habit.

Always eat food that has rich glucose available in it: If you take mealtime insulin (not long acting insulin) in prepared food, it helps preventing from low-blood sugar problems that may occur due the time difference between your meal and injections. Supplies to be kept in small bag are - Glucose Meter, Alcohol wipes insulin pens glucose-rich food or tablet.

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