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Chronic Liver Disease

Chronic Liver Disease or Cirrhosis is any of a group of liver disorders. It is characterized by jaundice, loss of appetite, liver enlargement, fluid accumulation, and impaired consciousness.

The major symptom of this disease is fatigue. It goes without saying that if our liver is damaged then we won't be able to work. The early signs of liver disease are swelling in abdominal, unrequited vomiting, general swelling, fever, indigestion, stools with difference in color, itching, diarrhea and many more. It this becomes chronic then one would easily reach the stage of being in coma and later on death.

The moment you think there is anything wrong going on in your body then you should immediately visit a doctor. Doctors will provide you drugs for curing and if that also does not work then aromatherapy can be given.

For prevention of this disease, you require to have good diet which includes all the fruits and green leafy vegetables, whole grains, low protein food, nuts, rice, seeds, milk of goat and few small things just to be added more. For regeneration of liver herbal medicine called milk thistle is required and to prevent oneself from tables and non alcohol glycerate extract is required.

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