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Prevention and cure of Cholesterol

High cholesterol level or cholesterol is become a threat and danger to many people today. It has changed the mindset of many people for living their monotonus life.

Cholesterol is a very harmful substance and it does the following functions in the human body: It can also enter in the structure of body hormones like sex hormones which is an important part of our body. It is important for production of acid which can easily digest fats of our body. Cholesterol covers the nerves of the myelin sheath, which helps transmission of nerve impulses efficiently.

Take a normal example, say that when we exercise after waking every morning, we think that we are remaining fit and healthy but again it is very risky for people having high cholesterol levels. Hypercholesterolemia means blood cholesterol measurement above 200. The normal count of cholesterol level is between 150 to 199, and if it increases aboe that, you should immediately call a doctor and get proper treatment.

The problem of high cholesterol lies in increased risk for arteriosclerosis and heart strokes. The primary causes relating to cholesterol are Hereditary, Blood pressure, Obesity, Dietary intake, Hypothyroidism, Renal impairment and Diabetes mellitus.

Steroids and contraceptive pills are those which can either decrease or increase your cholesterol levels. The consumption of such kind of drugs should be stopped, as they are very harmful. This is a disease which can only be detected by blood test.

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