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Ovarian Cancer

What is ovarian cancer? Ovarian cancer begins from the ovaries where cells are formed. These cells are germ cells, the sex cord cells and the surface epithelial cells.

But they will not always cause ovary cancer as they are not Meta size from ovaries to other parts of the body. Colon cancers and breast cancers are examples of such cancers. Symptoms of ovary cancer Women with epithelial ovarian cancer are not diagnosed in the early stages as they do not know only that they are suffering from ovarian cancer. The ovarian cancer symptoms can be detected in the later stages of the cancer.

There are mainly two stages first stages the upper abdomen and second stage beyond the upper abdomen. After women reach this stage, they can survive only the next five years for which the cahnces are only 15 to 20 percent. Some of these are cured with the surgeries and some can be removed by hosting the tumor.

These can further lead to ovarian tumors. Most of the victims of this cancer is young women and teenagers. Fertility protection can also be cured. If it spreads then one's body will not be able to hold together the progesterone and estrogen cells. We can say that all ovarian problems do not cause cancer and if they do then, they can be cured which proves to be really fatal during treatment.

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