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About Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma Cancer

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma starts when a lymphocyte also called as B-cell becomes abnormal. This cell then tries to replicate as it turns abnormal.

These cells while replicatingreplicate abnormal cells only. These cells do not die and they protec one's body from any diseases or infections. They go on replicating and then form a group which is usually called as tumor. Symptoms of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma are sweating in the night, lymph swelling, appetite loss, continuous fever, pain in the chest, fatigue and weakness that is never ending, abdomen swelling an coughing.

These are very common mishappenings in a person's life and are not the actual signs of cancer but if it continues then you should consult a doctor. What is lymphoma? Lymphoma is the cancer of lymphatic system. This lymphoma starts taking place in our groin and underarms. When you want this disease to be actually known then the best is biopsy. Hodgkin's lymphoma is a kind of cancer which takes place in lymph tissue found in the lymph nodes.

There are many types of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma of which the most common is the B cell lymphoma and other one is follicular lymphoma. These both grow very rapidly. Some are aggressive and fast growing and some are slow growing which are not harmful like aggressive ones. Thus one should always get good advice and opinion about it so as to proceed further for right treatment.

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