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What is Breast Cancer

When cells form a group in the breast which is very abnormal or it can turn out to be abnormal then you should worry.

It is not a compulsion that it would be breast can but what if it actually is? These cells which form a group are attacked by a bacterium which does not let them remain healthy and then they keep on mutating. Some cells among these go on mutating but some are destroyed. When among some cells with bacteria mutation continues, it ends up being cancerous. This small thing leads to dangerous disease like cancer.

It does not remain to one part but goes on spreading to the other parts also. Now when this happens obviously you need to sure it. You will be surprised to know that even men suffer from breast cancer. It is very rare but it happens. About Breast cancer, it is developed in the ducts and is carried to the lobules i.e. from nipples to the gland which produces milk. It is also a Meta size cancer and is formed in the lymph nodes.

Breast cancer research says that it can spread in the various parts as mentioned above which are brain, lungs, liver and bones. Even this cancer can cause tumors. Every cancer forms tumors which spreads in the entire body.

There is a link of chain between all this body parts as bones to cancer cells, cancer cells to the breast. According to breast cancer reasearch, it is not bone cancer as it is Meta static. Doctors sometimes call breast cancer as the new tumor which is "distant" or, Meta size and metastatic disease. Diagnosis of breast cancer is very painful treatment, which women patients have to undergo.

Treatment of Breast cancer is not contagious and it is not develops by touching, bruising or bumping breasts. Doctors do not understand the fact yet that breast cancer why happens with some women only. But they surely say that there is higher risk of breast cancer in women which contradicts with every disease. Risk factors that are involved with the development of breast cancer are age, menopause and family history.

Many others are also there but these are mainly associated. Symptoms of Breast cancer is mostly found in women over the age of 60 but it is not so that young women do not or cannot suffer from cancer but the chances are very less. The main other risk factor is menopause in the beginning or after the menopause more women suffer with it. And lastly family history is also the cause of breast cancer.

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