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What is Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer can be simply defined as when our bladder starts getting swollen and when difficulty arises in urinating then one should go and get a serious checkup as this can actually cause bladder cancer.

Symptoms of Bladder Cancer are while urinating blood comes out, paining at the time of urinating, when a person feels like urination but it actually does not come out. When all these symptons starts, then a person should immediately rush to the doctor for knowing the reason. Other things when you should know while you are suffering from cancer are swelling in the urinary bladder, irritation and redness.

There are two types of bladder cancer one visible and other is not visible. The visible one is called the Huematuria and the non visible is called the Gross Huematuris. Here visible means that the symptoms are easily seen and in non visible the symptoms are not seen but cancer still exists. When a person wants to urinate and then does not then it can also cause you this kind of cancer.
Bladder Cancer
You should always take care of your bladder as any hurting, or pain in the bladder is a sign of cancer. Bladder infection can happen in both men as well as women. Bladder cancer can also lead us to bladder tumor which can be cured by bladder surgery. Thus always take care of your health and consult a doctor for your regular checkups. It may happen that one has to go through bladder surgery, if the cancer has spread its wings on larger part.

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