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Try Ayurveda for hair loss

Hair loss is a major problem experienced by many men and women across the globe. This is a sign of your body being under the influence of some illness. Some factors such as illness, medications, stress, diet, genes and depression might be the cause of hair loss.

This condition should be treated immediately before it makes you to lose a lot of hair. From the ancient times, ayurveda plays a vital role in human's life helping them to curb all diseases and illness with naturally available medicines. It is well known for its efficiency to treat hair loss too. It in fact is the science of life and takes in to account of various factors underlying the hair loss issues. The benefits derived from ayurveda in treating hair loss are as follows:
  • It caters to the basic principle of the three doshas present in our body such as pitta, vatha and kabha. According to the ayurveda, hair loss is caused by an over dose of pitta dosha in your body and balancing it would do the trick of curtailing hair loss.
  • A good diet helps your body to repair your skin, heel the cracks or inflammations and lets it have an instant glow.

  • Try Ayurveda for hair loss

  • This is done through an array of ayurvedic treatment, diet, herbal medicines, aromatherapy and massages with medicinal oils.
  • Ayurveda is the best treatment for hair loss as it improves the circulation of blood in the scalp, stimulates the release of histamine which encourages cell division and stimulates the follicles of hair thereby improving the hair growth.
  • Ayurveda tries to identify the root cause of your hair loss that might be even present in your diet and locates it and reduces it. It might be even due to stress in your work place too.
  • It offers natural shampoo enriched with amla, shikakai and other natural herbs which cleans the hair gently without disturbing the scalp of your head. This is safer for your hair when compared to commercial shampoos that have strong chemicals present in it and cause damage to your hair.
  • Hair loss is also effectively taken care through hair massages with various herbal oils that are highly rich in medicinal content.
  • You might be suggested to use ayurvedic oil that is enriched in coconut oil which should be applied thrice a week a day to promote hair growth.
  • Also try rubbing coconut oil or almond oil on your scalp and on the soles of your feet or massage the scalp with bringraj or brahmi oil before going to sleep to reduce the pitta dosha in your body.
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