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Sleep well, eat well for glowing skin

What is more demanding than a skin that shimmers and glows like that of a celebrity you see onscreen? Well making your skin to glow or shine with health is very easy and it does not require any spa treatment or a cosmetic surgery to do this.

The trick lies in eating a good diet and sleeping well. This will make you get a shiny and glowing skin within a few weeks or even before that time. Some of the essential things that you should remember to have a flawless skin are as follows:
  • Make sure that the diet is a wholesome one that is well balanced and healthy and comprises of fresh vegetables and fruits. Cut out the junk foods as it is high in fatty content that would make your skin to have pimples and acne. It would also let your skin have a very dull look.
  • A good diet helps your body to repair your skin, heel the cracks or inflammations and lets it have an instant glow.
  • It is also essential that you drink lots of water that will enable you to flush out all the toxins away from your body which in turn would make your body to glow.

  • Sleep well, eat well for glowing skin

  • Make sure that your skin is not exposed to direct sun light for a prolonged time. It will cause your skin to be damaged, peeled or cracked
  • Eat protein rich foods such as fish, chicken, turkey, egg whites and steak. Remember to include a bit of fat in your diet as it is essential to stay healthy. Aim at having a few almonds, olive oil and rapeseeds per day that are rich in mono unsaturated fats. They are skin rejuvenators.
  • Replace your diet with brown rice and whole grain foods instead of pasta and white rice as they are deprived of nutrients.
  • Sleeping well is essential as it lets you have the most wanted rest after a hectic day and de stresses you. It is essential for your skin to repair itself during the night. This is why the sleeping hours are termed as beauty sleep. Make sure you sleep about 8 hours a day as it is the ideal time frame for an individual's body to rest.
  • If you are not in a position to have a well balanced diet then consult your doctor and get his advice for a good diet plan. You can also get prescribed for a medication if you suffer from any skin rashes or acne problems.

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