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Symptoms and Causes of Asthma

Chronic respiratory disease is called asthma which affects our normal breathing process. Symptoms and causes of asthma vary from one person to other.

A person suffering from extrinsic asthma has symptoms like stress, cold air, food preservation and many. Usually asthma symptoms are like coughing, wheezing, over exercising, whether, viral infections, shortness of breath, sexual activity and few others symptoms.

Being asthma a very chronic disease it can be treated well. Bronchial Asthma treatments are carried on the timely basis and it also depends upon how far asthma has affected your bosy. Nebulization of which is very common in both the types of asthma and so it is advisable that you should keep nebulizers with you, almost all the time.

Inhalers are also very important in treating asthma by both the ways as told previously. For breathing in a normal state, one require inhalers. Though asthma is breath taking away disease but when a person suffers from asthma, taking health care becomes the top most priority in such situations. Being in asthma is one of the worst situations one could ever face.

To cure and alleviate asthma for giving relief to a person immediately then one should try having garlic, coffee, honey and onions which can help to get relief. Although asthma in children is tough to handle but at the same time can be cured and prevented very easily.

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