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Prevention and cure of Asthma

Asthma is considered one of the most critical diseases of the world. This is because when a person suffers from asthma, he/she suffers everytime when the seasons change.

The sickness arises when the seasons change. The cure of asthma is very necessary and you need to be very careful regarding this disease. Consulting a doctor for diagnosis is very important and similary the instructions given by the doctor.

It is the worst problem and it affects a person very badly. Prevention and asthma cure is given in the following glossary: in the starting of the season change one should visit a doctor for change of medication with the season change. Nebulization prevents a person from getting asthma attacks, so nebulizer is necessary and should be kept along with the patient every time. If the patient is a chronic asthmatic patient, this should also be taken care once in a week. Pumping should be done at equal intervals of time for clearing your lungs. Be slow while taking breathe as it will not exhaust you while doing it.

If attacks are very frequent then you should go to doctor immediately and ask reasons for the changes. For asthma patients, they should not go to very congested places. If the patient wants to perform exercises, they can do it after consulting the physician/doctor for the same. Thus prevention is better than cure as always said.

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