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What is asthma? Chronic respiratory disease is called asthma which affects our normal breathing process. The two main types of asthma are intrinsic asthma and extrinsic asthma. Both are very different situations and different people suffer with different asthma.

A person suffering from extrinsic asthma has symptoms like stress, cold air, food preservation and many. Usually asthma symptoms are like coughing, wheezing, over exercising, whether, viral infections, shortness of breath, sexual activity and hundreds of small causes and symptoms.

This may be called as bronchial asthma. Being asthma a very chronic disease, it can be treated well. Asthma treatments are carried on the time to time basis which depends upon the insensity of the disease. Nebulization of which is very common in both the basis, and keeping nebulizers is very important. Inhalers are also very important in treating asthma by both the ways as told above. For breathing normally one require inhalers.

Though asthma is breath taking away disease but when a person suffers from asthma, he or she should take care about health very carefully. Being asthma in children is the worst situation one could ever face. To cure and alleviate asthma for giving relief to a person immediately then one should try having garlic, coffee, honey and even onions can work out.

It is the worst situation in this world when one suffers from asthma. This is because when a person suffers from asthma he is more suffering when seasons change. The sickness arises when the seasons change. This can be one of the major causes of asthma. Asthma cure is very necessary and you need to be very careful regarding your disease. It is the worst problem and it affects a person very badly.


Prevention and cure of asthma is given in the following glossary:

1. In the starting of the season change one should visit a doctor for change of medication with the season change.

2. Nebulization prevents a person from getting asthma attacks, so nebulizer is necessary and should be kept at your home every time. This should also be taken once in a week if you are chronic asthmatic patient.

3. Pumping should be done for clearing your lungs. Be slow while taking breathe, do not exhaust you. Whenever there is a season change, visit your doctor and ask him for its intake.

4. Congested places should be avoided.

5. Vigorous exercises are not valid to perform and always perform mild exercises.

Although asthma is tough to handle but at the same time it can be cured and prevented very easily. If attacks are very frequent then you should go to doctor for the proper treatment.

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