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What is arteriosclerosis: It is a term which is generic for many diseases during which the wall of the arteries becomes thick and loses the flexibility and elasticity.

Atherosclerosis is that the commonest and high vascular disease. It's additionally called coronary heart disease that will increase the chance of heart attacks. This disease increases the risk of heart attacks which arises from the fatty acids deposited deep narrowed.

Coronary Artery Disease in the angina (chest pain) is the first actual sign of heart attacks and that is why the name is given as arteriosclerosis, which is the first phase of this disease. It can also be caused due to hypertension which leads to this heart disease thus finally heart attacks.

Arteriosclerosis or Coronary disease treatment can be done in many ways. It starts from for improving the heart's efficiency to cyanosis. Through the relief of oedema which means a diet with very less salt or no salt, it can be easily achieved. Another method of treatment is called diuretics is very useful.

Prevention and cure of this disease is also very easy and can be achieved in many ways. Maintaining cholesterol levels before they reach heights and control on smoking by taking smoking control sessions should be taken. Maintenance of health i.e. weight is also very important. Thus before indulging yourselves in such problems go for regular checkups and if you find any symptoms then take precautions as soon as possible.

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