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AIDS Treatment

Medicals experts have revealed that till the time AIDS has got no cure and it is the most dreadful disease witnessed till date.

Since it is sexually transmitted and the HIV virus causes infection which cannot be cured in any case, at any stage. The treatments if available also are not able to cure this disease but they only suppress the symptoms of AIDS.

There are some specialist recommend a therapy called HAART which is very highly active. The main aim of this therapy lies in the life expansion of a person facing AIDS and also to detect out the most of the virus in that person.

Here this therapy involves functions of antiretroviral drugs at every stage of lifecycle of viruses with the view that they should not multiply at any cost and thus with the reduction of replication of virus. HAART is the only therapy through which a person having AIDS can live for a bit long than expected.

I would really suggest you that rather getting into all these matters prevention is any day better and this therapy will not actually cure but will only increase your life expectancy. Giving yourselves a good and healthy life is more important than your leisure or few minutes that please you.

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