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AIDS Control and Prevention

As truly said prevention is better than cure, the same thing applies in case of any disease and especially in case of AIDS.

AIDS is a disease which has eaten up the lives of hundreds of people because of their few small mistakes. This disease is very dangerous and it has many issues coming up like social, economical and religious with the inequality regarding health. The best of the best prevention from AIDS is having knowledge about AIDS.

What AIDS actually is, what are the symptoms of AIDS, what will be the consequences and so on? The basic reason why people face AIDS is that they do not have a single percent knowledge about AIDS and they do not even care.

There are many things which should be taken care about when you want to prevent yourself from getting into AIDS. One should not use the syringes used by people having AIDS, one should not get oneself into the places where this is very common like places where prostitution takes place and before having intercourse with any partner you should always ask him or her about having AIDS or not.

These are the basic preventions from AIDS, this is very important as when a person gets HIV there are no signs and symptoms of it. That is only in the later stages it is known that they have AIDS.

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