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Causes of AIDS

AIDS which means Acquire immune deficiency syndrome is caused due to a virus called as human immune deficiency virus (HIV).

The patients having AIDS have to suffer from problems like lung infections, skin infections, infections in the digestive system, problem in the nervous system and also cancer. The human immunodeficiency virus enters our blood cells through which it kills all those cells which act against our immune system. The main causes of AIDS are the blood secretion and semen secretion from the vagina.

This is the syndrome that transfers person by person with the physical contact, syringe and needle which are contaminated and even by oral sex.

Signs and symptoms of this syndrome can be: long lasting fever with the loss of weight and appetite, always feeling sick and tired, sweating more than normal and white blotches in the mouth. With these infections many more infections can also be caused after which the person will no more be able to deal with the disease.

As this is the sexual disease it is very dangerous and life threatening. It is progressive causing dementia with the propagation of cells in the proper and exact way. Thus a person should be very careful regarding all this as it has seriously got no treatment to it.

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