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AIDS which means Acquire immune deficiency syndrome is caused due to a virus called as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The patients having AIDS have to face problems like lung infections, skin infections, infections in the digestive system, problem in the nervous system and also cancer.

The human immunodeficiency virus enters the blood cells through which it kills all those cells which act in favor of the immune system. The main cause of AIDS is the blood secretion and semen secretion from the vagina. This is the syndrome that transfers person by person with the physical contact, syringe and needle which are contaminated and even by oral sex. But at the same time people should behave well with people with aids as the disease will never spread by touching.

A therapy called HAART which is very highly active is suggested by the experts. The main aim of this therapy is to detect the presence of virus and helping in life expansion of a person who has AIDS. Here the therapy involves functions of antiretroviral drugs at every stage of lifecycle of viruses with the view that they should not multiply at any cost and thus with the reduction of replication of virus.

HAART is the only therapy through which a person having AIDS can live for a bit long than expected. The experts would really suggest any human being that rather getting into such deadly disease, prevention is any day better and this therapy will not actually cure but will only increase the life time of the individual.


As truly said prevention is better than cure, the same thing applies in case of any disease and especially in case of AIDS. AIDS is a disease which has eaten up the lives of hundreds of people because of their few mistakes. This disease is very dangerous and has caused differences among people. Many issues have come up like social, economical and religious inequalities mainly due to the reason that an individual has AIDS. The best way to prevent this AIDS is to get gain more knowledge about it. Any human being who has reached the adulthood should be taught what AIDS actually is, what are the symptoms of AIDS, what will be the consequences, if one has this disease and so on The basic reason why most people face AIDS is that they do not have enough knowledge about AIDS.

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